It’s okay to be cliche (5)


Random Girl: “Ugh, I hate how cliche they’re it’s gross!”

Me: “Shut up.” *shoves them into a closet and locks it*

It all started on a dark, chilly night where an aspiring author/blogger realized shed never declared her love for one specific genre. That duh everyone loves which is-

Wait wait wait!

First let’s take a second to appreciate all genres of literature. From horror to mystery to teen fiction to drama to adult fiction. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Alright guys, let us face the truth, no matter how much we trash the cliche books we deep down love them. Unless your my sister. We do actual love cliches sometimes. Whether we want to accept it or not, our hearts flutter and we “awww!!” just a little bit ( or a lot) when we read or see cliches in life. The urban dictionary definition of a cliche is being predictable and unimaginative. But come on lovies, when we read scenes like this….

Scene 1

Pride and Prejudice has to be one of my favorite books ever, right now I’m at the scene where- 

*crashes into something dropping their book and notes*

Girl: Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going *picks up notes and looks up*

Boy: No no it’s cool, you okay? *picks up book and looks up*

And she looks at him and takes the book from him slowly and their fingers brush, and just a second.  She feels a spark in between them.

End Of Scene 1

Or the stories with the typical boy bad with the bad reputation and the nerdy girl who’s never done wrong, fall in love. This genre has to be my top favorite. Not to be a cliche. Personally, it’s because of the innocence of it. But it some situations it goes from bad boy and shy nerd to, broken boy and sassy nerd. Cliches surround us everyday. From the boy spilling his drink on a girl and dating for like… ever to the teacher and student scandal. Reading cliches brings this tiny little hope, for male chivalry and female confidence to me. I know this sounds all cliche ( I have got to stop ) but it’s the truth lovies. So for those of you who love cliches, keep on reading them, but I challenge you to read this one. It’s called “My Brother’s Best Friend” on wattpad. When I read this book, I was expecting one thing, and receiving another. Which is totally okay!, because that’s how life goes. If you ever get the chance to read it, PLEASE, hit me up and we can rant about it together because of course I read another small roller coaster book. The weather is getting lower, and read-book numbers are getting higher. Pull out your cardigans, hot chocolate, and seasonal relationships because it’s winter lovies. Hope every stays nice and toasty. This time guys I want you comment you favorite cliche that you’ve seen, heard, done, whatever. Until ‘morrow lovies!

With love to her lovies,


(Me when it got cold and the power went out and I was home alone)



7 Thoughts.

  1. I agree that some cliches are… acceptable at times. Some of the stories I appreciate the most are cliches written in such a unique way that almost makes you forget that the plot is overused.

    • I totally agree. I personally think that with each season that comes different genres of books become popular. When it becomes cold especially the “cuddle cute cliche” relationship pops up more commonly. Whenever an author hides the cliche style Im so over pleased with it because its like when your parents hide your veggies in your pasta or food, it get the benefit without over doing it.

  2. hi bethatgirl I adore your blog and I definitely think you should keep this up and stay true to yourself and stay true to others as well

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